Thursday, January 9, 2014

Software patterns problem/ Alexander patterns

Software patterns were provided by the Gang of Four (Erich Gamma, ...) in the book Design Patterns: Elements of ReusableObject-Oriented Software in 1994. The main concept Pattern is provided as reusable behaviour that developers can use and share among each other. The pattern concept is got from the book A Pattern Language written by Christopher Alexander (architect).

Developers communicates with people very poor. And the Gang of Four took evil inside their book by interchanging initial Alexander pattern concept. The Pattern by Alexander is not only a reusable instrument for specialists, but also is a part of common language that clients can understand and which resolve clients problem. 

For example, The pattern 107 Wings of Light explains the benefits of having natural light coming in from many directions. A room that has light coming in from only one direction feels flat and dead. Sunlight coming into a room from 2 or more directions gives the room dimension that triggers a positive emotional response.

How it can be applied to software development? Developers could talk to clients in common language and describe reusable features that can be applied:
  • Load data on scroll pattern (instead of loading full data)
  • Social network sign-on pattern (instead of only registration process)
  • etc

Eric Evans makes us closer to the clients in his book Domain Driven Design by introducing Ubiquitous language and Domain models.

If clients could describe what they want with such common patterns would it work in your projects? 

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