Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Have a check list before being catch up

Here is a small history of subtle points with hosting from my experience.

One of our clients asked us at HighRobotics to redesign Wordpress site. We designed it and then started the creation of a theme. It is done with mix of PHP, javascript and CSS. Everything was going good till once I made an error in PHP code, while moving the code and updating the live site!
Whole site was crashed, so there was no possibility even to login in WP administration panel.
It can be simply fixed with changing code in corrupted PHP file.
The customer was not remember where the site was hosted and thought that Wordpress.com was used for hosting.
What was my surprise when I found that Wordpress.com does not support file access. At all!

It means that any small error on PHP and bye-bye to site!

Gladly customer uses Wordpress on another hosting and error was immediately fixed.

Mochahost is a cheap hosting company that we are using for our site. It costs for us only 250$ a year. However sometimes technical people can just stop the site for a day without any informing. Other point is that it is written on 50s page of there help that they do not responsible for site backup. There were some technical issues and they just deleted all files for the site (not with us)! You can find hundreds of this stories in the internet. So if you do not making DB and files backup you can say bye-bye to your business site.

Check important points before making agreement with company, even if it has good reviews.